Paying Your Rent

In accordance with your residential lease agreement, all rent is to be mailed to Mohler Enterprises Property Management at PO Box 48146, Cumberland, NC  28331 or paid electronically. If paid by mail, the post mark on the envelope will determine the delivery date.  *** Remember, all rent is due on the 1st and late if paid after midnight on the 5th. A late charge equal to 5% of your rent payment will apply to rent received after midnight on the 5th day.

By clicking the "Pay Now" icon below, you will be directed to your Tenant Portal where you can pay rent in several ways. *** Note*** When paying through the Tenant Portal using your regular checking account without an extra fee.  ***Note*** A Convenience Fee may be charged by the accounting system if any other method of payment is used through the Tenant Portal. We do not collect or determine the fee charged as it is charged by the accounting system and is non-refundable.


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